Open Window Aikikai

Open Window Aikikai

On April 29th 2021, the Ueshiba family held the Aiki-Jinja Taisai. We invite you to watch the video that has been released by Aikikai Foundation on its Youtube channel. You can see the entrance of the celebrants, the religious ceremony, then the address of Doshu and the two demonstrations: Hono Embu by Mitsuteru Ueshiba Aikido Hombu Dojo-Cho Hono Embu by Moriteru Ueshiba Aikido Doshu (click on the image below):

Hombu Dojo has created a Youtube channel (click on image below):

Updated rules about practice at Hombu Dojo (click on image below):

News about resuming practice at Hombu Dojo (click on image below):

Dojo-cho online Facebook training from the 15th of May 2020 (click on image below):

Message from Doshu regarding the Covid-19 situation (click on image below):

Etiquette for when practicing at Hombu Dojo (click on image below): 

How to reach Hombu Dojo (click on image below):