IAF is WADA Anti-doping Code Compliant

WADA, the World Anti-Doping Agency, has informed us that IAF is approved as compliant with the WADA anti-doping code, which stipulates certain activities and procedures as part of the world-wide work against doping in sports.

The IAF anti-doping commitment started with the unanimous decisions of the 2008 IAF General Assembly to approve the Directing Committee proposals for an IAF Anti-doping policy and the IAF Anti-doping Regulations. Since then, the DC has worked closely with WADA representatives and anti-doping experts of SportAccord to establish routines and activities for the anti-doping work within Aikido. A revised version of the IAF Anti-doping policy and IAF Anti-doping Regulations has been in cooperation with the ITA, the International Testing Agency and approved by the DC in 2020.

The work against doping is an important one, in which the whole world-community of sports participates, through their international as well as national federations. The situation for Aikido, lacking any kind of competition, is different from the case in all other disciplines of sports, but the IAF and its member federations are committed to join in the anti-doping work.

Doping is an unethical as well as health hazardous method to improve in sports achievements, not only competition, especially if young athletes are manipulated into its use. Therefore, the sports community, including the martial arts, must be joined to firmly act against its spread.

For the IAF Embukai, the public demonstrations of Aikido , the WADA rules on TUE (Therapeutic Use Exemption) may apply. Please consult the national anti-doping organization of the event in question, for specifics about these rules.

Due to the total absence of competitions in Aikido, Aikido events are exempted for Out-Of-Competition-Testing.


IAF Anti-doping Rules & Policy

Here you find the IAF Anti-Doping Policy and Rules, which were adapted by the DC in 2020.

The rules and policy are based on WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) rules and policies.

The documents are in PDF format.